Jumat, 21 September 2012

pidato bahasa inggris tentang kesehatan

Healthy lifestyle

Ladies and gentlemen,
First of all I wish you ass wr wb and good morning.
I would like to tell you about healthy lifestyle.
Healthy is very expensive and we can not change our healthy to all valuable things in this world.
we can not enjoy everything in this world nothing healthy.
everything will be unvaluable without healthyness.
so,that is that why  healthy lifestyle is very important?. Here there are sometips how to take care our health.

1. First get gym
    At least we go running arround our house or push up, sit up, and skipping. That important achievement is we get wet but it is a must for us.
2. Second, don't be greedy
    All kind of foot it look nice,delicious, and we always to eat them. one important thing, we have to know that eat to much is not good for our health. eating to much cause our body fat. So our body look not proporsional. So we have to choose and measure all the thing that we it. Remember our stomach is not waste basket.
3. Third, avoid drug abuse
     Say no to drug! it means we can not be easily to eat drugs. Drugs can cause a variety of diseases, and even death.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is all that i can tell you about healthy lifestyle. I hope it will be useful for us. thank you for your kind attention. And good morning!! wassalammualaikum wr wb!!!

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